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A Message from Consul General Liliana Ferrer to Los Rios DACA Students

Un Mensaje del Consulado General Liliana Ferrer a los Estudiantes de DACA de Los Ríos

What is the latest information about the DACA issue?

A: 2/27 UPDATE: The U.S. Supreme Court has declined to take up the DACA case at this time, meaning that the federal judge’s ruling to block the White House’s decision to end DACA remains in place. This means that the DACA program can remain intact for now. The Trump administration is still expected to appeal this decision, but the Supreme Court’s ruling means that it must go through normal legal channels and timelines (read more here). DACA recipients whose status is expiring should reapply as soon as possible. More information is available here.

Seemingly every day, new reports from Washington alternately suggest hope or pessimism about a possible long-term legislative solution to this crisis. We encourage everyone impacted by DACA to stay informed with the latest information (some resources to assist with that are available on this site).

In September, the Federal Government announced that they plan to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. In the announcement, the administration indicated that they plan on “winding down” the program, saying that there will be no immediate change in status for those currently enrolled in DACA but that they will no longer accept new applications. They also announced that those whose permits expire by March 5, 2018 will be permitted to apply for two-year renewals, but it’s unclear what the long-term implications of this would be for applicants.

I’m a current DACA recipient. What should I do?

A:  UPDATE 2/27

  1. In light of the federal judge’s ruling temporarily blocking the federal government’s decision to end DACA, any DACA recipient whose status is expiring should immediately reapply. Resources:

2. For assistance filling out and/or submitting renewal applications, please visit www.openingdoorsinc.org. Click here for the organization’s flyer on applying for renewal.

  • Detailed information from the Department of Homeland Security can be found here.

3. Stay enrolled in school. Undocumented students are welcome on the Los Rios college campuses and should continue their education, with or without DACA.

4. DACA enrollees should stay in the country.

5. Know your rights and seek legal advice. For more information, visit: ilrc.org or ready-california.org.

Am I still eligible for financial aid?

A: California DACA recipients’ eligibility for state financial aid under the California Dream Act is NOT affected by changes to DACA. Eligible California undocumented students still qualify for AB 540 (in-state tuition) and the California Dream Act. Learn more about the California Dream Act at:caldreamact.org

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